In the summertime I typically think of one thing… spending time at the ocean. Obviously living in Austria doesn´t provide this, so the best choice is a trip to Italy or Croatia. Despite the beauty of Italy, I personally prefer Croatia because of its rocky beaches.

When you enter the country coming from Triest Italy, you´re in Istria, which is a beautiful and large peninsular. There are countless beaches and cities to visit, but one highlight for sure is Rovinj. The oldtown with its small allays are just amazing. On the other side of the harbor there is this awesome little market with lots of restaurants around it.

I brought my Voigländer Bessa-R & Ilford HP5 and my Canon AE-1 & Kodak Portra 160 with me. I really enjoyed walking around and taking pictures there. My girlfriend filmed me as usually during photographing and I hope you like this clip:



30. November 2017

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