How to develop black and white film using Stand Development

Developing film on your own could may be a drawback for some, to shoot film in the first place. But in fact it is very easy to do it by your self, instead to bringing the films to lab, which can be expensive, if you intend to shoot more.

Stand development is definetly a good start, because the developer can be used with room temperature. That means, that you don´t have to heat up the chemicals to a certain temperature. The process in general takes just a bit longer.

These are the Chemicals you wanna use:

Rodinal, Adofix and Adoflo

First step – Preparation:

For one role of film, you need 3.5 ml Rodinal in dilution of 1:100 with water. That means, that you wanna mix 3.5 ml Rodinal and 350 ml Water (cold tap water – around ~ 15°) together. This mix is not meant for reuse, it is just for one film.

For the Fixer you wanna use a dilution of 1:5. That means you mix 60 ml of Adofix and 300 ml cold water together. You can reuse this dilution for one month of five films. You can test the ability of the fixer by putting cut off film in it. If it get dens for example in two minutes, you have a fixing time of 4 minutes.

For Adoflo you have to pour destilled water in a container, so that the film reel would be under water. Just add a little bit of the fluid and you are good to go.

After you have put the film (changing bag or darkroom) in a light sealed tank, you can start the developing.

Second step – Developing:

The developing process takes one hour. You start by pouring the developer into the tank. After you have closed the tank, you wanna inverse the tank slowly two times. Now you just want to leave the tank up to 30 minutes (use a stop watch).

At the 30 minutes mark you wanna inverse the tank two times again. Now leave the tank for 30 minutes again.

After one hour is finished, you just pour the whole fluid out of tank.

The next step is the stop bath. I have always used water for this process. Typically I wash the film for 3 minutes, by pouring water into the tank with a little shaking and inversing.

Now comes the fixing. With a dilution of 1:5 the fixing takes about five minutes. I wanna point out, that you can´t over fix a film, which means, you don´t damage the film, if you fix too long. A problem would be, if the fixing time is to short, because this process makes the negatives permanent in daylight, so the exposures wouldn´t last over time.

Now back to the process – you pour the fixer in and inverse the tank two times every ten seconds up to the 3 minute mark. After that you inverse the two times every 30 seconds. After five minutes you can pour the fixer back into it´s bottle for reuse.

Now you wanna wash the film for three minutes again with cold tab water.

Third Step – washing & drying:

Now you can open the tank and put the film reel in container with the destilled water with adoflo for about one and a half minutes. By doing this, you eliminate water marks on the film.

You can take the film of the reel and hang it up for drying. This takes at least up to three hours, I usually hang my films over night.

As you see, this method is very easy and I can only recommend it to you to try it by your self.

Notes on pushing film:

Pushing film with this method works very well too. I tend to add one ml of developer for one stop i want to push – that means i use 4.5 ml and 350 ml water for one stop and 5.5 ml with 350 ml water for two stops.

I also made a video about the process, which you can watch here:

Here are some examples of photos by me developed with this method:

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