Augenblicke | October 18 | @ die Baeckerei

Like million of others I´m posting my photos on a regular basis on Instagram and on my homepage. I enjoy this process very much, but it is still only in the digital sphere, where as a real printed picture looks just way more vivid.

A friend of mine approached me around a year ago to make an exhibition with my photos. At first, it seemed a little bit odd to me, but then this idea really grew on me. There is this cool venue – Die Bäckerei ( – in Innsbruck, where they host all kind of different events. They also have a dedicated place for art exhibitions. So i figured why not ask there.

Nicole, the responsible person for art installations, seemed interested in my pictures, but told me, that all spots for this year were already taken. But in October there would be a festival, where I also could present some of my pictures together with other artists. I thought, that too would be pretty cool and the months past by.

By September I wanted to ask about this festival and all of a sudden Nicole told me, that this festival is canceled, but I could a have a full exhibition on my own. As you can imagine I was very stoked about this.

With the theme “Augenblicke” (moments) I planned to present art from three themes:

  • Innsbruck Noir: a black and white series of my home town

  • Metro Portraits: portraits I took in the Metro/Underground in Paris/London

  • Color Portraits: selected color portraits

It was really hard to pick the right photos for each theme. I have also never printed on a larger scale, but I decided to print my 2:3 photos in 60×90 and my 4:3 photos in 80×60. I found some cool online shops for printing and I went for a matte finish. On side note, I think now I would go for a glossy finish with an integrated white frame. The next step was to purchase frames.

After putting all the photos into the frames, I transported them to the venue. With the big help by my girlfriend Christa and Nicole from “diebäckerei” we found a really cool concept of putting the pictures together.

The photos were presented as part of the 8thbirthday bash of the venue, so many people were attending. The experience of seeing my pictures on the large scale in real life and also watching others looking at them was really cool.

It´s now definitely a goal of me, to shoot more often on a specific theme and also of course to make more exhibitions.

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